Benefits of a House Sitter

You can not put a price tag on having  peace of mind while you are away from your home and fur family! There are many benefits of hiring a professional house and pet sitter while you are away on holiday or for business!

The most important factor is security! Having a house sitter living in and caring for your home is infinitely better than having someone drop by every now and again, or leaving your home just plane empty! With your house occupied it is a natural deterrent from burglary, and a professional house sitter will ensure that the integrity and security of your home is well maintained.

Each pet and home is unique and with having a house sitter you can tailor your needs specifically to what the home and animal are used to. A house sitter also keeps up with the little day to day tasks for you while your away, including bringing in your mail, picking up the newspaper, watering your plants and keeping up with yard or pool work.

Accidents do happen when you least expect them to, such as damage from a storm or a faulty pipe breaking, its a peaceful feeling to know your home will be watched over at all times.

When it comes to insurance, having someone looking after your property could be a godsend if you are planning to go away for more than 30 consecutive days! Many insurance policies are void after this time if the home is left unoccupied.

Pet care is often the major concern for people when going away. Just like people, pets get lonely. A good pet sitter comes in and actually pays attention/pampers your pets in their own home. It reducing stress to the animal, keeps them healthy and in their familiar environment! It also saves you from transporting your animals to the kennel and of course the hefty fees involved in boarding! Hiring a pet sitter also allows you to avoid imposing on friends, relatives and neighbors to care for your pets.

Hiring a professional house sitter you can rest assure your home will be in good hands, allowing you to sit back and enjoy a well deserved stress free holiday!

The thing is: House sitters who do this a lot want to keep doing this. It’s easy to be wary of handing your keys to a stranger, then leaving. But for many house sitters, this is a profession or a lifestyle (maybe both), and they have every incentive to do a good job. When your in need of someone to watch your home and furry family , we hope you’ll give us a call and put out the welcome mat!