Why Choose Traveling House Sitters?



To choose Traveling House Sitters is just plain awesome!

When you choose Traveling House Sitters what we will bring to you first and foremost is two big hearts that equal one gigantic one!  Stephen and I absolutely adore animals and love giving and receiving  affection back. Saying goodbye once we get to know your fur family is the hardest part of our job, but we still enjoy what we do immensely.

The utmost respect is given for your everyday routine and we keep your household running like usual while you are away. There is a sense of pride in owning a home and taking great care of it, and we share this pride with you as if it were our own, after all when we are staying there it kinda is our home!

Stephen and myself take the commitment seriously! We know how stressful it can be going through the process of choosing whom to trust with your home and precious ones, so once you choose us we are committed to holding up our end of the bargain. Our goal is to become part of your family and be your go to couple whenever other commitments call upon you.

We are self motivated, hard working, problem solvers and our business standards back that up.  Stephen and myself have and currently own a successful business, and we certainly couldn’t have gotten there without these qualities!  We are quick to learn routines and always strive to exceed expectations anywhere we put our energy.

Our personalities adapt well in any situation so nothing really phases us when surprises creep in.  We step up to any challenge and push full steam ahead to solve it.  Just head over to our reviews as they speak for themselves why we would be an asset to have in your home!