Stephen and myself as trusted housesitters are eager to take care of all the usual everyday tasks involved with running and maintaining your home. These may include cleaning, gardening, lawn mowing, garbage disposal, lite pool maintenance, general security, and great loving care for your furry and not so furry animals! All of this is happily offered to you in exchange for accommodation in your lovely home, simply a Win Win for everyone!

This worthwhile exchange is not only for the home owners, pets, and house sitters but it includes the entire travel community!  As representatives of ourselves, our counties, house sitting, and the travel community, it benefits everyone to work together in a symbolic relationship. The positive experience you have with house-sitting can travel online or by word of mouth and turn into someones else’s beneficial trade.  We all want to keep the community professional, responsible, kind and even. This way everyone can continue to benefit from the exchange. The pets get the love and care they deserve, the home owners gain peace of mind, and the trusted housesitters live out there dreams of travel!


Creativity is our game! Whether it comes to the yard, house, art, or clothes we’ve got you covered. Although we are bad ass trusted housesitters, Stephen and myself offer a wide variety of amazing additional services you may wanna take advantage of while we are taking great care of your home! Why not kill two birds with one stone and let this duo transform your home it into whatever vision you fancy! Its a hard job, but someones got to do it!  Additional Services



This duo works from “home” aka “your home” and find that many of our clients are happy to know we are around the home more of the time than not! This can be an invaluable attribute we offer in helping to keep things running efficiently while you are away. Go ahead and book that ticket for your stress free holiday because we’ve got you covered! Contact us your trusted housesitter today to see how we can alleviate the stress out of your next holiday or house project!