If you are looking to find a compassionate, caring, trustworthy person to take care of your kids (cats or dogs) while you are away, Tiffany is the caretaker for you!

I have known Tiffany for many years now and can attest that she will do nothing more than treat your home and your pets as if they were her own.  My boys (two Siamese cats) have trusted Tiffany to come in and take care of them and our home over these past few years.  During that time I would get some incredible pictures of what they were up to while I was working.

Tiffany’s skills are above just the average pet sitter and my Baxter can attest to this as he had become ill and needed to take oral medicine twice a day.  Now, anyone who has had to give their animals medicine knows it isn’t always an easy task.  I can say my Baxter took (for me) his meds very well.  So, as trusting as he was of Tiffany…he took his meds for her as if she were a pro!

As we know, no one can replace a parent but having Tiffany step in when needed is definitely the next best thing! I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a fellow pet lover.

- GK

This team is sure to be of help in any situation with your home or animal!  This is the second time Stephen and Tiffany came to the rescue when I was in need of someone to watch over my Great Dane Hudson and mixed mutt Chesa.  Business called for me to be gone in a jiffy, so I rang the couple and to my surprise they were available to perform the usual routine!  You can expect for them to always be on time, a pleasure to have around, and excellent communication.  I would put my official approval stamp on any letter sent my way!  You wont be disappointed with the decision to hire these two lovely chaps! Thanks guys, see ya soon.

- Jake

If you are looking for someone to provide you with house or pet sitting services, I highly recommend Tiffany and Stephen. First of all, you can be assured that they are extremely honest people you can trust in your home and with your pets. They are also two of the hardest working people I know – always willing to step up and do what needs to be done in any situation. If it needs attention, they are on it in a heartbeat!

Tiffany and Stephen are loving, caring and kind people who will give your pets the attention they deserve in your absence. They are very responsible and take their obligations seriously, yet also have beautiful spirits which will be apparent when you meet them. You will have peace of mind knowing they are on the job. In a nutshell, you can’t do better than Tiffany and Stephen to take care of your home and pets when you are away.

- Marie S.

Well what can I say? Tiff and Stephen are utterly reliable, thoughtful, organized, resourceful, and laid back house sitters. Right from the start of our communications a sense of their friendly warmth, yet ‘professional’ approach to house sitting came across. This was brought out when we met them as they helpfully arrived the day before we left to sort through everything. The two quickly picked up what they needed to know, and we had an enjoyable evening dinner together. We left the next day feeling totally confident that the house and the cats were in excellent hands.

While we were away they kept us up to date with pictures of what they were doing! Stephen and Tiff got to understand our cats’ characters and corky moves. You could tell from the photos they were enjoying the cats company just as we do. We came back to relaxed cats in a happy home, everything clean, and our favorite meal waiting for us in the fridge. Just perfect!

We would love to have Tiff and Stephen back to house sit for us on future occasions! They should have no trouble finding plenty of other house sitting adventures around the world. Good luck you two hope to see you soon! I ensure your house and pets will be in gentle hands.

- Bob

This is to endorse and recommend Stephen for pet and house sitting services. I have been working closely with Stephen over the past several years, and when we acquired our dog Teddy one year ago it became necessary to locate a pet sitter. We were delighted to learn that Stephen was available and happy to perform this service. Stephen has now been consistently taken care of Teddy whenever it has been needed.
In addition to performing the necessary functions of a pet sitter, Stephen has shown fondness and devotion towards Teddy by spending time with him when he is here. Unlike some who simply “do the job” and leave, Stephen keeps Teddy company and develops a bond with him. This is evident by the positive reaction that Teddy exhibits anytime he arrives at our home. Stephen goes above and beyond the call of duty. We have even come home to a fresh cut lawn and a weeded garden simply because he enjoys being outdoors.
Stephen is both dependable and trustworthy. These qualities are of the utmost importance to us, and he has never disappointed.

- Brandon

Tiff and Steve are great. I’ve known Tiffany for a long time. When she lived in New England she always watched Bentley (my pup) while I was away. He loved her and how could she not love Him. She was a huge help with training and helping me as a new dog dad. A few years later we worked together on a few business projects. Working with them and getting to know Stephen was a great experience. They are both hard working, honest and professional. Every time I have dealt with them they go above and beyond.

- Matthew

Tiffany and Stephen were more than gracious to watch my house and my 2 dogs and cat when we traveled to Mexico earlier this year! My husband and I were extremely pleased to come home to a fabulously clean home. Yay! And more importantly to my well fed little fur babies!!

Every time we leave for vacation my cat Jewel always cries for attention as soon as we get home ( she needs the attention) so it was nice to have a great couple take care of my home while they pet sit for them! As for the dogs they needed to be walked every day. So instead of hiring just a dog walker (while they fed the cat) it was great to know that my pets were well cared for day and night while we were on our extended vacation!

I highly recommend Tiffany and Stephen and will continue to do so! They are great people and they took excellent care of my pets and home while we were away!

- Nicole S.

Dear Potential Client of Tiffany & Stephen:
It’s been about five years since my sister-in-law recommended Tiffany & Stephens services to our family. The dynamic duo has been absolutely wonderful for us over the years.  In our opinion and experience with them—we feel that we are very fortunate that they have chosen us! They are most reliable and diligent.  The “team” is very open to collaboration and when we have made extra work for them or asked for special favors they have always stepped up to help us. We find the adorable couple to be a very honest and caring—they have never let us down. Our two dogs simply ADORE them! The couple never skimps on snuggle time, and will feed and let them out (taking extra care to keep an eye on them on those cold winter days) when we are out of town. The peace of mind that comes with knowing it’s a “Tiffany & Stephen day” at our house is wonderful. We know we are coming home and a super clean house with everything in its place and very happy puppies!
Based on our experience—Tiffany & Stephen are highly recommended.

- Lynn

To whom it May Concern:

My name is Evelyn and I am writing this reference letter for Tiffany  and Stephen. On several occasions I used their services for my home while out of town. I found Tiffany and Stephen to be very responsible people who truly enjoy caring for your home while you’re away. They made sure when you return that your home is clean and presentable. I would highly recommend them for house sitting. They do a great job and put your mind at ease while traveling.

- Evelyn