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Hello World! This is what I have been shouting out every since I was born. Straight out of High School I set off on my own for an adventure far from home, or at least at that time I thought it was “far” from home, now after years of traveling I am not quite sure what far from home actually means.

Now a days things are very different with having Skype, FaceTime, Viber and so on the world seems to have gotten a lot smaller. Its nice to know I can fall asleep on a plane and wake up in another land in just hours! The thrill for travel and thirst for culture has been rooted inside me every since I opened my eyes.

Trying to find my way into a world of constant travel I discovered the large industry of yachting. I wanted to brake in so I took a leap and signed up for Sea School, Graduated and was awarded my 100 Ton Masters Captains License! Yippie this was going to afford me the opportunity to deliver and work on Yachts all over the world. In 2009 I started my own Yacht delivery and repair business and have been running around the globe ever since. I even bought my own fix er upper sailboat and lived on her for 3 years, wow now you can say those are some Sea legs alright.

Although Sea life has treated me very kind (and I know I will return one day) I needed a change, more of a land locked type of travel life, so I sought after this vast world of being a digital nomad and a Trusted House Sitter! So far I have lived in the Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Thailand, Malaysia, and now Indonesia! America has seen me travel across it by land 2 times, Captain Tiffany Verville has Sailed up and down the east coast of the USA so many times I cant even count, been to Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, and St Lucia. The world is an open book and I intend to travel every page!

“Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport”