Stray Dogs: Always with us in our travels!

Khao Pho Thong and Little Red

During our travels we always manage to pick up a stray follower or two, I am not sure if they can pick up on the fact that we love animals or just merely that they are lonely but it seems its becoming a pattern.  There’s been Red, Ginger, Cookie, Tiger and the list goes on……
Although we have many favorites a few stand out more than others.  Lead runner up is Red! Man she was one of the sweetest pups we have ever had the pleasure of looking after.  Stephen and I arrived on the Island of Khao Pho Thong, Thailand where we were volunteering at an eco resort teaching people about responsible tourism. Excited to explore the island we quickly made our way to the beach where we were greeted by the one and only Red dog!  She followed us for our entire walk and even followed us back to the bungalow where we would be staying.  Red quickly became part of our routine of a morning walk on the beach where she would catch crabs for breakfast, then back to the resort where she would protect our bungalow, she even would sleep under our hut keeping an eyeful watch for predators all night!  The guests started to notice her following us everywhere and the question came up often as to how we were traveling with our pup lol!  We just pretended she was ours, as she quickly became part of our family!  The day came when we were to depart and she just knew something was up as of course all dogs know when you are leaving!  Ohhhh that scooter ride where she followed us the whole way to the boat dock, it just broke our hearts.  We said our sad goodbyes to good ole Red and knew one day we would return for her.  To our surprise we received a phone call from the owner of the resort last month letting us know, Red was adopted by them and she is now part of the eco resort family!

Bali and our pack of stray pups!

Bright and early every morning we collect our pups Ebony and Coco and head off to the beach for a fun session of fetch!  As we pull up to the seawall we are greeted by ten-twelve stray pups who know there gonna get a good feeding after our play session.  Anyone who’s ever spent time in Bali knows about the Stray dog problem on the island and how it pulls at the heart strings. Our new growing family follows us along the beach as we play with our girls in the sand! We have now gotten to know each dogs personality and how they all work together as a team and we’ve now given out names to each one.  Once we all return to the car the pups know to line up along the wall and that’s where they will be able to feed there tummies.  We scoop food out for each one, making sure the bullies in the pack do not over power our weaklings.  After everyone is satisfied we head off back to our Villa with our girls.  The pack of stays always follow us to the end of the road where they give us a goodbye until tomorrow.  You cant help them all but to know at least we can help our pack is a good start.