So you want to be a house sitter?

Being a house sitter is more than rewarding but also comes with a lot of responsibility, think twice before accepting that assignment before your ready!

Being a house sitter imposes a great deal of responsibility. Free accommodation is great and just one of the benefits of house sitting, but you have to remember services are being traded for the privilege to stay in the home owners home. It is not just a free holiday.

There needs to be a high level of understanding on how to maintain a home and animals if there are any. Being a home owner is a lot of work and problems do arise constantly so you need to be flexible and adaptable in those times of need. As the house sitter you need to prepare a plan of action to get these problems fixed in a timely manner when they do arise.

Here are just a few examples from our experiences of being house sitters that may come into play while you are on the job. Termites infestation, problematic tick issues, home owners dinning room table breaking, fly issues, faucet leaking, door broken then fixed only to have another portion of the door broken, dog has constant diarrhea, the list goes on.

It is important that house sitters understand the level of care a home and animal require before agreeing to a job. House sitters should  be able to step in to a home and stay on the regular routine of maintenance and pet care.  Animals are just like kids, they want to have routine and are in need of great love and affection.  If you have never owned a home or animals before I suggest you do research on the subjects before creating your advert online.  Here are some helpful webpages to get you started as a house sitter……

Pet care:

Home care:

Being a house sitter can be a lovely adventure and money saver but it does come with a price of time.  If you have time to take great care of the homes and animals then its a win-win for everyone involved.

As a house sitter you should never look at it as just “free accommodation” because in fact it isn’t free, it takes a great deal of your time to manage a home, property, and pets.  We all know the saying “time is money” and isn’t that the truth, so please consider these factors before committing to a gig as a house sitter.

If you are new to this amazing community of house sitters, I encourage you to start with small gigs such as adverts with only the home to look after. Once you’ve completed a few of these and are confident move on and try stepping into a home with an animal, perhaps a cat to start since they are typically lower maintenance than a dog. After you have a few of these under your belt you will be a more mature house sitter. Now its time to step into a home with pups and maybe a yard to maintain. By now your confidence as a house sitter should be souring and ready to tackle more responsibility in the house sitting world. 🙂

Happy travels and happy house sitting!

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