Pros and Cons of Nomador and Trusted House Sitters

Not all house sitting platforms are created equal.  Here are some pros and cons of the leading house sitting sites around Nomador and Trusted!

Launched Nomador in 2014 but started as a house sitting marketplace solely in France and has now expanded their network internationally. They are the fastest growing house sitting platform out there. Nomador continues to make beneficial changes to the website and its features offered to home owners and house sitters.  There philosophies impress, this is not just a house sitting platform, Mariannig the owner truly want’s to spread cultural exchange all over the world.

Nomador provides a ton of great resources for your to use, including a Homebook which is a list of responsibility and details of a house sit.
• Their webpage is very easy to navigate, and you have the capability of searching by region.
• They offer a search option for house sitters with disabilities which is a unique feature.
Nomador offers a discovery option which allows you to try the site for free, up to three house sit applications.
• Offer the ability to rate the home owners which no other platform allows for, making the market a fair playing ground.
• Unique badge rating system, which allows for you to earn badges of your highest qualities of a home owner or house sitter.
• Trust profiles, Nomador offers a myriad of legal documents to be uploaded and verified to prove your identity, you get a rating for how many documents you upload and are verified.
• Is run by great people whom really care that you are a success in this community.

• No video profile capability.
• No daily email alert system for all new house sits.
• They do not allow outside references like other platforms, so it can take quite sometime to build your profile with references and badges.
• No capability to view if the home owners have read your email or not.
• They do not remove house sits that are already completed or home sitter found.

Trusted House Sitters:
This platform has been around since 2010 and is the largest and most well known in the community. Trusted House Sitters has 3 times as many house-sits available than other platforms, there are around 2000 listed at any given time. They have a wide variety of house sits all over the world but are mainly focused in Europe, Australia, and the USA. Trusted has a large number of team members working on there website and providing support.

• Offer a great reference system, not only for house sits but you can upload character, employment, and landlord references as well.
• You can upload a video profile which can give you an advantage.
• Offer house sits in a lot of areas that accommodation can be very expensive.
• If you are a paid member you get access to the house sits 24 hours in advance of them listing them, so this is a huge advantage.
• Status updates if a house sitter has been found, and also a status of whether your email has been viewed by home owner or not.
• Offer a lot of resources that are handy, like a code of conduct and house sitting checklists.
• Offers a feature where you can search for a house sit by pet.
• Offer an online chat feature which is a really nice way of communicating if you have questions.

• The house sitters are saturated so a home owner receives hundreds of applications for there adverts therefore creating a lot of competition.
• No ratings for the home owners.
• Most expensive platform out there.
• Response rate from the home owners is low.
• There is no verification process.
• Can only upload four photos to your profile.
• There are a number of homes listed that do not have particular dates therefore there numbers can be misleading.

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