More About Stephen

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Every since I was a child I’ve had the curiosity bug flowing strong.  I wonder constantly how things work, how people live, how systems get put into place, how the world works together, and the list could go on forever.  Information is my thing and I strive constantly to collect, assess, and understand all kinds of facets to this so called life.

My creativity pulled strong and I decided to go to college for Art and Graphic Design at UNC Wilmington.  After graduating I went to work for myself freelancing jobs in the Graphic Design field, filling in down time with building custom stairs, and a part time job teaching art at the Community College.  This however wasn’t enough for me so I headed to north where I was to take over our family business of a collision center.  After just 2 years of hard work I transformed the business a full 360 and now business is booming.

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to live” 

But to my surprise this still wasn’t what I really wanted…..with not knowing what to do but wanted change Tiffany and myself decided to move cross country to California for a fresh start.  Being business owners for so long we couldn’t think of anything else to do but buy a business, so the search began! After months of grueling number crunching, business meetings, lawyers, banks, and loan officers we were coming up with nothing that made sense!  Backed in a corner we looked at each other one morning and asked the question every one should in there lives, what was going to make us truly happy?

At that moment we both said the same thing and the answer was travel.  We then sold everything we owned, camped across country to see our home land, spent time with family on the east coast and then headed out to seek happiness.  While on the road we have created a successful business of Web design, Ramble Marketing, and love every minute of using our creative minds to help other businesses be successful! I am not sure where the road will lead us but I am sure enjoying all the surprises along the way.