House Sitting in Bali

Currently house sitting a beautiful Villa in Bali!

Ahhhh Bali!  After watching “Eat, Pray, Love” so many times I know every word and have always dreamed of coming to Bali!

While in Penang, Malaysia taking a month off from house sitting and just letting loose, we were ready to get back into it full swing of things and started looking up house sitting assignments. Low and behold when I logged onto TrustedHouseSitters there it was staring me in the face, the ad for a long term house sitting opportunity in Bali over the Christmas and New Year holiday!

This was a dream come true as house sitting assignments aren’t that readily available in this part of SE Asia.  I quickly but diligently typed up the email and without hesitation sent it into the cyber world only to await a response.

Usually the wait time on an email return is much longer as it takes time for home owners to sort through the mass email inbox after posting a house sitting ad like this one. However in our circumstance my email stood out above the rest and we received a response within hours of our first email. So the dance began…we somehow knew in our hearts we were going to be house sitting in Bali!

This feeling was confirmed after a Skype session that could have lasted for days we had so much in common. Marie still had a few other Skype sessions scheduled so the grueling wait began.  We went on conducting work as usual and then the phone rang… was Marie confirming our trip to Bali was in fact happening and this house sitting job was ours!  Without hesitation (well of course after the long “we got it dance” happened) we headed to the Indonesian Embassy to apply for Visas.

We’ve arrived in Bali at this beautiful house sitting gig and could not be more happy with the home and two amazing pups full of kisses Ebony and CoCo!  Every morning like clockwork we strap them in and head to the beach where they love to play with the street dogs and fetch the ball!

Regular updates are sent to Marie about what the pups are up to and how much fun we are all having!  We are more than lucky to yet again have a successful house sitting opportunity! Even though we love every animal we look after there is always the one that steals your heart! As we move through this house sit it’s starting to happen to me here in Bali with CoCo (aka CoCo’nuts) and I have a sneaky suspicion Stephen feels the same about Ebony (aka The Goat)!! Its gonna be difficult to say our goodbyes with these two but we know we will return some day for another round of house sitting!