Homeowner Tips and Tricks to find a House Sitter!

Maximize your chances of finding the ideal house sitter with these top 5 tips to build a great advert!


The secret of success in this exchange is both parties sharing benefits of the deal. The ideal house-sitter cares for what’s precious to you, your home and the pets that live in it. Posting an advert online is easy but also takes thought. Will your advert appeal to the right house sitter, this should be your first question? You want to make the process of choosing whom would be best for your home easy and not have to waste time sorting through applications that wouldn’t be a fit.  Below are 5 easy ways to maximize your chances of finding the ideal home-sitter, and getting more attractive prospects for your home.


BASIC RULE. Ensure both parties share the benefits of the exchange.

Most home-sitters are not in it for the money. They’re not professional home-sitters or pet-carers. They like being useful to others, it makes them feel good. But house sitters also expect the house they look after to be right for them (in an area they want to travel to, for example). So house-sitters, like home owners, need reassurance! They want to know all about the home they’ll be looking after. And why not? They’ll be spending their own money to travel, committing to dates and be taking responsibility for your home throughout their stay.

Describe why you want a house-sitter and what you expect. There are never to many details.

Put yourself in the shoes of someone responding to your ad. What would you be looking for, in a home to look after? What type of pets? Some house-sitters are at home with big dogs, others not! What about pet care routines? Do dogs need to be taken out? If so, how far, and when? These things are important for house-sitters. They need to plan their day around their duties.

If there’s a garden, what’s needed to look after it? A little weeding? Or simply water the flower beds? Does the lawn need mowing or watered?

Describe your house and its environment.

How big is your home? Does it have a garden? Lots of stairs? What’s the neighborhood like? Looking after a home means different things to different people. Give prospective house-sitters full details about their duties. Help them imagine what it will be like in your home.

Highlight cultural and tourist attractions in your region.

House sitters love to be helpful but they also want to discover new regions and go places that are fun and enriching. Try to tell home-sitters in detail what they can look forward to. Imagine you are describing your home to friends on a visit!

Plenty of Photos of the home and animals explain and reassure the house sitter.

Did you know an ad with photos is twice as likely to be consulted and three times more likely to attract a positive response? An advert with photos draws candidates better suited to your home. Photos are a wonderful way to illustrate daily life! Any kind of detail is helpful, from the house itself to the home-sitters’ bedroom, kitchen, pets and garden … Imagine what you’d like to see, if you were a house-sitter.