Choosing the right option for your home and pets.

House-sitting, Boarding, Pet sitter?

Going away and pondering what to do with your pets, house, pool and yard? Many choices but unsure of whats the best solution for you? No need to panic every solution has good benefits and some drawbacks. What you need is the right solution for you and your home. Maybe you choose one option this time and another the next, it all really depends on the situation at hand. Here are some great pros and cons for all avenues you might be thinking to take while away on holiday.

Boarding facilities for dogs and cats

Kennels specialize in looking after your pets in their premise when you are away. These are sometimes criticized, since the animals can get really stressed by the new environment. But these establishments can be of the highest quality and managed by skilled professionals who are really love animals.

Benefits of boarding:

You can be sure a close eye is kept over your pet while away. Individual kennels usually have small open areas where the dogs can get fresh air and play with company. In most good kennels, dogs are let out once or twice a day to stretch there legs and have play time. Boarding is a practical solution for repeated and short term owner absences.


Some pets find it difficult to acclimatize. Cats in particular don’t like being moved from their familiar surroundings. Being kept cooped up, especially more than a few days, can be difficult for animals to bear, especially if they are used to roaming free. Some dogs are stressed by being moved to new surroundings and by the barking of other dogs, which they are unaccustomed to. Also the other pets germs may make your animal feel under the weather. The inconvenience of driving over, which can be especially hard on a pet stressed by car travel.

The cost of boarding typically is charged by the day and can take a large chunk out of the holiday spending budget.

Calling on a pet-sitter

Pet-sitters will take dogs out walking

A pet-sitter is someone comes to your home and looks after your cat or dog while your away. They typically stay for a short duration of time in order to love up on, walk, change liter if necessary, and feed your furry mate.

Benefits of pet-sitting :

Practicality, as someone is in the neighborhood to look after your pets when left on their own all day.


Pet-sitting is recommended for cats and dogs, who tend to be territorial and don’t like being moved out of their normal surroundings.

Drawbacks :

If you are away for a few days or more, short daily visits may not be enough. Pets may not like feeling their home is empty, and sometimes it can cause anxiety in the animals.

Pet-sitters are generally paid by the hour or day. Pet-sitters can get just as costly if not more than boarding your animal.

Finding house-sitters to look after your pets at home

Your pets are looked after in their own surroundings


House-sitting ensures your pets regularly looked after in their own home. It’s an ideal solution if you want to go on holiday with peace of mind.

House-sitters are people just like you. They look after people’s homes as a way of traveling and discovering new places. There are plenty of animal-loving house-sitters to choose from!

Drawbacks of house-sitting :

The decision to have someone live in your home may not be easy! You have to find the right person or persons, and that means taking time to get to know one another.

The accommodation you provide a house-sitter must be of as high a standard as for a friend/family guest.

One possible timing inconvenience is having the pet-sitters spend the night in your home the day before you leave. However it’s the best option so the house-sitters can work through daily routines under your supervision. Welcoming people into your home shouldn’t be difficult, especially if you want to get to know them, share a meal and strike up a friendship, after all you might need there services later on.

Benefits of house-sitting :

Pet-sitters keep your pets happy. Your four-legged companions stay in the home they are used to, are not exposed to other animals germs, and they enjoy lots of company from people who give them the affection they deserve.

Pet-sitters also keep watch over your home, yard, and pool if you’ve got one! Your property is occupied, looks lived in, and the risk of break-in is tremendously reduced. This is a very low cost solution for you the home owner in comparison to the other two options. In general, house-sitters provide their services free of charge as they get accommodation in exchange for their services. The holiday budget for home-owners is that much less!

You will return to happy pets and can get right back into the routine you left before your holiday!

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