About Us

Tiffany and Stephen in Georgetown Penang

Hello there from Stephen and Tiffany!

Here is a sneak peek at how our journey began.…”two hearts one globe” couldn’t be a better explanation of who we are. Our hearts are one in the same and have a tremendous respect for culture and travel!

Life was running so fast to achieve the American Dream we forgot what really mattered to us! San Diego California is where we finally started listening to that voice deep down inside saying do what you love and everything will fall into place!  We looked at each other one morning and both started to ask the same thing, are we truly happy?

The two of us were relieved to find out we were both feeling the same way about where we were in our lives.  After some discussion we decided to sell everything we owned, camp across country to see our homeland, spend time with our family on the East Coast and then head over seas for the journey of a lifetime!

This dynamic duo, Stephen & Tiffany, accomplish all of the above within three months and bought a one way ticket to Thailand where we started our journey.  We have been traveling all over SE Asia and are loving the choice we made to finally live our dreams.  As time passes Stephen and myself just keep gaining more appreciation and respect for other cultures which is driving us to go deeper and see all we can.

Our online business of Website design and Social Media marketing is what keeps the money coming in to fuel our passion for travel.  We love to have a home and pets as we have had this our whole lives, however being on the road we thought would restrict us from having this side to life.  Discovering the large world of house and pet sitting across the globe changed our travel dreams for the better and we decided to jump in as we have a lot of experience back home helping many clients, friend, and family!

Our hearts are absolutely overflowing from the love of all the animals we’ve gotten to know and cherish.  We take pride in whatever home we are honored to be taking care of and respect it as our own! Stephen and I would like to thank you for being part of our journey and we look forward to getting to know you and your fur family!

Every since I was a child I’ve had the curiosity bug flowing strong. I wonder constantly how things work, how people live, how systems get put into place, how the world works together…

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Hello World! This is what I have been shouting out every since I was born. Straight out of High School I set off on my own for an adventure far from home…

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